At TrashIt we take trash and turn it into premium fertilizer allowing us to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Our business is powered by the passion and ambition to make a real impact. Join us on our journey. 

Join our waste pickup service today and help us recycle waste without it ending up at the landfill! 

Soil Health is essential for a Healthy Planet

We enable the carbon footprint of Pakistan to go down by efficiently disposing organic trash and encouraging composting, urban farming and switching to a zero waste lifestyle. Our main focus is on reusing kitchen waste (also known as green waste) and paper scraps (referring to brown waste) to make organic compost - khaad. We do this by processing the waste in our own facility with an in-house research and developed machine, and process. 

Move towards an Organic Lifestyle; healthier, and tastier!


TrashIt Compost

lEach bag of compost is wholesome, and unique. It brings with it an untold story of wasted organic matter. 


This product is a perfect fit for all your organic needs. Whether your are growing your own crops, or maintaining a garden, TrashIt's organic compost will ensure that the soil is 100% charged with the right nutrients without degrading it.

With our smart subscription option, you can place your order once, select the frequency of your usage, and leave the rest to us. We will  ensure you have the compost as per your need just when you need.


Perfect Nutrition

Made from  locally sourced 100% organic  waste. This compost replenishes weak soil like no other!


Well decomposed  earth-smelling  compost


Soil Friendly

Increases water retention, boosts microbial activity, works as a slow release soil conditioner.

There is more! We have an eco-friendly product range to help you make a difference.  Simple Small Swaps  to add to your everyday life. Browse through our product catalog. 

We promote Responsible Consumption

Join us and help grow this movement!