5 Simple Steps to Reduce Plastic Waste from Your Household

 We’ve all been there! - After watching a video of a plastic straw being removed from a hapless

turtle’s nose or looking at a haunting image of a sick polar bear population – we have all wanted to do something but been at a loss of both words and action! It is not untrue that the real culprits with the worst environmental impact are industrialists and greedy policy makers; having said that, we can all play a part to reduce plastic waste by making a few small changes in our lives.
1. Turn down disposable plastic straws:
Turn down single-use plastic straws at restaurants and enjoy your beverage without them whenever possible. If you have a strong predilection for them, then consider purchasing a reusable plastic straw or a stainless-steel straw that you can use instead.
2. Take tote bags with you for grocery shopping:
Disposable shopping bags are the bane of our planet’s existence and very easily replaceable by some cute eco-friendly tote bags. Turning down plastic bags every chance you get, is the easiest way to reduce your plastic waste. As for the ones you already have, reuse them until they tear!
3. Always carry a reusable water bottle:
Disposable water bottles are a huge contributor in plastic waste and can very simply be reduced by keeping a reusable water bottle on your person at all times.

4. Dine in instead of asking for takeaway:
Most restaurants use disposable plastic containers for to-go orders, so consider dining in and try not to pack up left overs. Also consider carrying a container for your food.
5. Use razors with replaceable blades:
If you shave, buy a razor with replaceable blades instead of disposable razors with plastic handles.
Sometimes it feels like the problem is too big, but remember Anne Marie Bonneau’s words, when she said,

Zebunnisa Chughtai is a LUMS graduate who majored in Chemistry and feels passionately about reducing waste and pursuing green alternatives to toxic polymers. She also loves natural hair care, good food and dance. You can follow her on her Instagram @zebunnisachughtai and on her hair care blog @curlyzebbie.