Face Sheet Masks Are The New Plastic Straws!


 Few weeks back on BBC, a broadcast showed that plastic straw is not the only threat we need to be worried about! It has acquaintances which are equally dangerous for our planet. And it is none other than “Face sheet masks”

Yes folks Yes! Sigh!
“Face sheet masks or sheet masks are face-shaped sheet fabrics soaked in nutrition-packed solution called serum.”
Over the years, Beauty industry has been revolutionized and if we look around we will see hundreds of brands promoting products promising to reverse the inevitable aging process. Cleansers, scrubs, mask and god knows so many products beautifully lined up in beauty stores seeking our attention.As the industry is growing and new companies are pouring in hundreds of new products, they are somehow missing on keeping a safe life between what is good for our skin can be bad for our environment.
Let’s accept the fact that we all want to look young and beautiful throughout our lives which by the way is not possible! bummer!! But we still love to try products to look younger and pretty which is why one product that has made a breakthrough in fashion industry is the face sheet mask. We know it is a quick fix but are they quick enough to degrade?
Before coming to that, let me tell you that Sheet mask is made up of variety of materials including papers, fibers or gel types and PLASTIC! Yes! PLASTIC!
Face sheet Masks
I bet none of us ever knew this before that our beauty regime isn’t coming easy. It has consequences.
But don’t blame yourself; the manufacturers never put this on the packets and we never bother to question. Even If you check your sheet mask right now, you will see a list of ingredients at the back, difficult and hard to pronounce and honestly who has time to google them. We believe the companies. Right!
These sheet masks when reach to landfills or dumped in sewers, they combine together and with other substances and shape into a giant balls of micro-plastic which not just clogged the
pipes but also pollute the running water and not to forget that not everyone is blessed with clean water in their homes.
Honestly speaking, I have never thought about wipes and sheets this way before. It is sad that we are living in crisis and yet we are not moved. We are willing to sell at the cost of our lives, and the life of our only planet we have and as they, “there is no planet B have” is true.
Believe me or not, all these young enviro-activists marching and yelling on roads are trying to save the only planet which their ancestors have been destroying for decades. They don’t deserve it. We don’t deserve it. No one deserves it.
Greta Thundberg
This is not getting any better if we don’t make it. It surprises me that there are so many eco-friendly substitutes in the market and yet we are not convinced to leave our conventional life style which is a huge contributing factor in the destruction of our planet.I am not asking you to stop using beauty products because we can’t but all I am asking you is to pick the right things, go for the sustainable organic beauty products with no dangerous by-products.
Start today, right now and play your part. Take small steps. Start by replacing your single-use wet wipes or face sheet masks with reusable cloth wipes and organic fiber sheet masks. They are save for us and for our planet.

My name is Namal. I am a Bio-technologist and a science communicator. Ciencemania is my IG handle. Visit me to catch up on latest sci-news and tips for a sustainable life style.