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Book A Maali 

TrashIt is here to help you with anything related to gardening. Be it starting a new vegetable patch, checking up on plant diseases or pest,  and even getting a brand new rooftop garden setup just as YOU like it. 

We work on all garden sizes, from small private garden projects to corporate garden designs and building setups.

Service Description :

1. Gardening services
- Garden design, hanging baskets and containers
- Paving, Turfing, Planting and Artificial Turf
- Raised beds

2. Landscape Maintenance
- Soil preparation, Seed sowing, Pruning

3. Plants supply
- Indoor / Outdoor plants
- Flowering / Fruiting plants
- Grass / turf

4. Maali for the month
- Hire our expert services for the whole month to manage your garden

Visit charges:
Rs. 500 (for apartment)
Rs. 750 (for office / bungalow / chalet )
Rs. 1500 (for school / hospital / farm)

An expert in the field of gardening will be sent your way to inspect your garden, and guide you on how to better manage it.

No matter if you already have a Maali at your place, our domain experts will help you further improve the setup. DO GIVE IT A TRY!

*Service is only available for Karachi for now